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Abu Dhabi issues new car number plates

22nd November 2006

Police in Abu Dhabi are beginning to issue new car number plates - the fifth category.

"This week, 99,999 numbers will be introduced in cooperation with the Emirates Driving Company", said Lt Colonel Mohammed Al Kutbi, Director of Vehicles and Drivers' Licensing Department, who went on to reveal that the number plates will be distributed in three phases.

"During the second phase, some special numbers will be auctioned off. During the third phase, all numbers will be available for registration and replacement."

He said the new number plates had been brought in because of the rapid increase in the number of vehicles being registered in Abu Dhabi. German plate manufacturer Otsch has signed a contract to make the new number plates.

Dr Jihad Sebtia, Director of the Emirate Driving Company, said: "The new number plates are made in line with international high quality specifications to fit various climatic conditions. The plate is characterised by hologram features. It also carries the UAE emblem."

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