Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Pudsey on a plate!

Pudsey number plateAs you'll no doubt be aware, the BBC's annual Children in Need fundraiser will be taking place next week and it just wouldn't be the same if we didn't jump on the bandwagon and tie in a reference to number plates somewhere along the line.

The obvious candidate, of course, is PUD 53Y, as illustrated in the picture to the right. Pudsey was introduced as Children In Need's mascot in 1985, and the live telethon has been running in its current format each year since 1980. However, annual BBC appeals for disadvantaged children have been running since 1927; at first in the form of a five-minute radio broadcast which raised £1,143 - over £27,000 by today's standards. Last year's televised show raised over £18million, but the total as of June this year stood at over £30million.

Other related number plates could include W6 GAN / WO07 GAN (Wogan) and APP 34L (Appeal).

If you would to donate to Children in Need, please visit or phone 0845 733 2233.