Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ronaldo's Rolling In It

Hi all,

Oh how I wish it were yesterday. But they say every day is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

This weekend another big spender proved what he will do to get his hands on the perfect personalised number plate, namely Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester united football star Ronaldo purchased the registration CR7, his initials, and his shirt number, for a massive £150,000. Earlier this month Ronaldo spent another £340,000 on a black Rolls Royce Phantom, taking his total spending to £490,000 with Doncaster based luxury car firm Liquid 45.

Naturally one would assume he would put the new plate on the car he spent nearly half a million on, right? Wrong, the number plate is not going to be put on the new car, but on his "not so expensive" £140,000 silver Bentley GT convertible.

Rumour has it that Cristiano Ronaldo is also planning to open a nightclub named "CR7" in Portugal. A source says "Cristiano is developing an obsession with CR7. It has to be on everything he owns - cars included."


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