Friday, 21 November 2008

Number Plates Still Making BIG Money

At a DVLA auction today, 1 RH sold for a quarter of a million pounds. Just goes to show that the interest in personal number plates is a very robust one.

I'm sure this will reassure a lot of owners of high quality car registrations that they were a wise investment, and that good plates really do hold their value very well.

There were a few other good sales at the auction, but none rivalled the biggie this time around. It wasn't a huge surprise that 1 RH did well - we'd been watching the proceedings with bated breath - but I think we were still a bit taken aback by the price it made!


Friday, 14 November 2008

Children In Need auction

It's Children in Need time and once again they are holding an auction to help raise money for the cause. BBC Radio 2 listeners have already raised over £1.7 million pounds by having a 'things money can't buy' auction. Lots have included Raymond Blanc cooking in your home which raised £50,000 and a one-to-one lesson with guitar legend Mark Knopfler that went for £100,000.

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to such amounts there is also a separate Children In Need auction where items are more attainable. The auction includes signed Pudsey Bears, unique experiences, sporting goods, a ride in the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car and for all Terry Wogan fans, a private number plate - THE 70G. In case you didn't know, TOGs are Sir Wogan's loyal fans - Terry's old geezers and gals.

Last year Children in Need raised just over £19 million on the night but donation continued after this and the 2007 appeal total was a record £37 million. It's great how so many people make this such a great event. Here's to another great year of fund-raising.

If you want to bid on the many items available please visit the Pudsey auction page.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Calling all personalised number plate owners

I've been speaking to a lady called Ellena Wood from Films of Record. Channel 4 is making a documentary about the world of personalised number plates and want to speak to the owners of cherished plates.

Maybe you collect number plates for a hobby, or have spent years saving up for one. Perhaps like many of the people we hear from, you buy them for investment purposes or have had one handed down through generations. Do you have a particular funny plate or unusual story behind your registration?

If so, Ellena would love to hear from you. There is no commitment to be filmed for the programme. This is still the research stage and they just want to hear from as people as possible at the moment.

You can get in touch with Ellena directly by calling 0207 4284728 or email

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Monday, 3 November 2008

Get Ready for '09' Number Plates

Hello and welcome to Monday morning. November 3rd! Can you believe it's November already? I know this year has gone ridiculosly quickly, but I was still horrified to see a massive Christmas tree, complete with fairy lights and a selection of presents, standing proudly in a country pub on Saturday. Does that appal you as much as it does me?... I thought it might.

Anyway, on Friday, I said that I'd like to see a return to discussions about more exciting number plates news and I'm thrilled to report that, on this chilly autumn day, I will not disappoint you, as I have some heart-warming news about the new '09' registrations!

Yes, I do mean the '09' registrations, which will start appearing on cars in March. The DVLA has already released information about the exciting new release and, from November 10th, they will even be available to view for a three-week period before they go on sale on December 2nd.

It's expected that there'll be huge competition for plates but, with the '09' release providing millions of possible combinations, there's got to be something out there for everyone. At the moment, the only number plate example the DVLA is giving is FR09 MEN. Ideal for a diver, perhaps? Or someone with a strong interest in pond life? It's great fun, and is bound to be perfect for someone, if not numerous people, who will have to hurry to snap it up!

I knew that'd cheer you all up on yet another grim Monday morning. I surprise even myself sometimes!