Thursday, 19 March 2009

Upcoming Number Plates Auction

Next week there is another DVLA number plates auction. This will be the second one of the year and will be held at Ardencote Manor Hotel and Country Club in Claverdon, Warwick.

There will be 1600 lots available throughout the 3 day event starting on Wednesday 25th March 2009. Many different plates will be on offer.

You could show off your new personal number plate with 'BRA 6S' or if you're feeling a bit on the slow side, you may opt for 'DUM 8B'.

The star of the show will be without doubt the registration, '1 D'. The reserve for this number is a record breaking £20,000 and is the highest reserve ever to be set at a DVLA auction. '1 O' was sold in Janaury for £210.242 and '1 D' is expected to go under the hammer for more.

Also being auctioned is the second in the 'O' series - '2 O'.


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