Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Insanity Plates!

It's not just the UK that love number plates. In America, personal registrations or vanity plates as they are known over there, are just as popular. The system in the US differs from that over here. They are a lot more flexible with the format of their registrations and almost anything (as long as it gets past the issuing authorities) goes. This though can make filtering what are seen as offensive or inappropriate plates much more difficult.

Recently, I came into contact with Jason who recently got into plate spotting in the US.

He sent us this picture of a car spotted in Washington.

And just to show you can have anything here's a car with just 'U' on. Who could the U be?

And for someone who wanted a vanity plate but couldn't decide what to have:

Check out the other photos on Jason's site at Insanity Plates.


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