Thursday, 29 January 2009

Royal Number Plate sold for £113,815

The number plate 1 HRH was sold today at an auction held at Whittlebury Hall, Towcester, Northamptonshire for £113,815.

There was a great deal of publicity about this registration before the event and at the auction there were several journalists and TV crews including one from the BBC and Channel Five's Fifth Gear programme. The atmosphere was intense as the bidding increased. There was a round of applause when finally, an anonymous phone bidder outbid the two interested parties in the auction room. One had left the room after bidding over £90,000 and Mr Akram and Mr Singh would have to go back to Scotland without the plate they had travelled so far for.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year! The Chinese New Year actually started on January 26th so I'm a little late but never mind. This year will be the year of the OX. Coincidentally, at a number plate auction on Friday 30th January, the registration 55 OX will be up for sale.

This got me thinking - what other animal number plates are available? Well, I've had a look and I've found RAT 7Y for the rats, D24 GON for the fiery dragons and DOG 1 - no explanation needed there! Has anyone got a registration that represents their birth sign?

Well, I'm going to enjoy the rest of Chinese New Year, which just means more food really. Well, someone's got to eat it!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Number Plate Fury

Reports from Vietnam have revealed that a motorist used a licence plate as a weapon in a fight. Ngo Chem Siku reportedly ripped the licence plated from another driver's moped and assaulted him with it. The two were driving along a narrow crowded road in Saigon when they collided, leaving Mr. Siku with two broken fingers and bruised ribs. When the assaulted driver went to help him, Mr. Siku got up and began to push him. A police officer separated the two after a brief scuffle. Mr Siku kicked the driver's motorbike and ripped his licence plate off. Mr. Siku then ran at the driver and hit him in the face and on the neck leaving the helpless driver with severe lacerations as a cause of which he lost a lot of blood and had a three day stay in a local hospital. Mr. Siku is now facing charges of assault and resist of arrest along with vandalism. His trial date has not been set but is expected to be sometime next month. He is expected to receive a heavy punishment for what was an inhumane and bizarre attack. Mr. Siku’s lawyer said that this incident was “a moment out of character for my client and as he has never been before a court before. I believe that Mr. Siku will be dealt with lightly but fairly”.

Having visited Vietnam and seen the absolute chaos on the roads, I'm surprised there are not more incidents of road rage. Although, the Vietnamese do have an uncanny knack of avoiding each other on their mopeds!