Friday, 24 April 2009


We know that the DVLA have previously blocked some combinations of letters from being issued but in the America they have to look at cases on an individual basis. This is because the USA have a flexible registrations system where individuals can choose almost any combination of numbers and letters with a rigid format system. Imagine Kelly Coffman-Lee’s surprise when she was told her registration was x-rated. State officials in Colorado decided that 38 year old Coffman Lee’s suggestion, ‘ILVTOFU’ could be interpreted as an profanity. However, she insists that the plate represents her and her family’s love of tofu, a staple of the family as they are vegan.

Mark Couch, a spokesman for the Department of Revenue says, "We don't allow 'FU' because some people could read that as street language for sex."

This has caused such a stir that the story has even been reported on the famous liberal news and comment website The Huffington Post.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Number Plate Auction Round-Up

Hey everyone, sorry it's a little late but here's a roundup of the DVLA number plates auction that was held over three days from Wed 25th Mar - Fri 27th Mar 2009. The auction was held at Ardencote Manor Hotel, Country Club & Spa in Warwick.

The two main attractions were '1 D' on the first day and the second of the 'O' series on day three. And they didn't disappoint.

The registration '1 O' was sold in January 2009 for an impressive £210,242 and there was speculation that the buyer may return and try for '2 O'. The eventual winning bid of £115,000 came by phone so at the moment we don't know if it was the same person or not. The total amount paid for it was £142,249.

The big one - '1 D' - went on day one for a whopping £352,441 (including fees and taxes). This was bought by Lebanese property developer Nabil Bishara as a present for his wife. Now that's not a bad birthday gift!

Here are some of the other best sellers (prices include fees and taxes):

HU57 LER- £37,168
11 MRN - £25,300
G80 RGE - £16,275
90 A - £15,533
PHF 1 - £15,162
82 S - £14,915
151 S - £14,915
LUC 1Y - £14,297
B4 LLS - £13,308
TOO 81G - £12,690
RUG 13Y - £12,443
3 PEP - £11,701
86 J - £11,454
71 W - £11,454
2 KAH - £11,206
90 MR - £10,712
78 H - £10,217
86 JM - £10,094