Car Registration Plates Games

Registration Plates Games that you can play in your car

Car Registration Plates Games


A simple and educational game that keeps children occupied on long journeys, while giving young brains a good workout. Exercises imagination, spelling and grammar.


  • Paper and pen/pencil for each player.
  • A non-playing referee to judge and to settle disputes!

The players and/or referee write down all the letters they see on car number plates until the referee calls “Enough”.

Each player is given a list of all the letters. The list is the same for all players.

Each player then has to write a ‘story’ using ONLY words that begin with the letters written down. Letters must be used in the order they were seen on the number plates and written down, and the words must make at least some sense in context.

For example: if the letters observed and written down were YFAT from one car and KGFCV from another, the words in the ‘story’ would have to begin with YFATKGFCV in that order, thus “You Flew A Tall Kite, Going Far Climbing Vertically” would be acceptable under the rules of the game (although not exactly elegant).

The first player to complete a story that conforms to the rules in the opinion of the referee wins the round. However, if the first completed story is judged to be complete nonsense the referee may reject it, so the race continues!

The game is repeated until 3 rounds have been played. And the winner of 2 out of the 3 rounds wins the game.

Spotter #1

A very simple contest of observation. Pretty good for keeping children occupied with minimal demand on the referee.


  • Paper and pen/pencil (not essential, but recommended)
  • A non-playing referee to judge and to settle disputes
The referee gives the players three letters, or several sets of three letters. The players have to try to spot a car number plate containing all the three letters. The first sighting confirmed by the referee wins the round. Play more rounds as required.

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