Cherished numbers

When numbers really mean a lot

John Harrington and his cherished number, J5 THWMany of us use the term cherished numbers to describe our personal number plates, but for some people, that term quite literally describes how much their registrations mean to them.

Take John Harrington, for example. He purchased J5 THW in memory of his late wife Tina Harrington-Wells. Tina passed away two days before Christmas 2000, at the age of 42. John said "We had been married for only five years. The registration means a great deal to me and will be cherished for the rest of my life."

Nichola Dix also purchased a cherished number to commemorate the tragically short life of her husband Bob, who was taken from her at the age of 56. Nichola purchased N100 BOB and says that the cherished number is the perfect way to keep Bob's memory alive.

However, the passing of loved ones is not the only reason people buy cherished numbers. Liberty Peek had her first registration at the age of just 21 months! Her grandparents saw the L16 ETY number plate and decided to buy it as an investment for young Liberty. Deciding that there was no time like the present, Liberty's parents put the plate on her toy car!

John Netting and his personal platesJohn Netting, from Torpoint in Cornwall spotted his ultimate registration - 1609 JN, symbolising his birthday - 16th September - and his initials. John has displayed the plate on his car advertising his electrical installations business, making full use of his registration as a marketing tool.

Keith Raymond Banks, from Rugeley in Staffordshire decided to buy a personalised plate as a tribute to his late wife Doreen Iris. His registration D1 KRB is seen as a fitting memorial to his memories and symbolises the initials of them both.

Cherished numbers really are a wonderful way to celebrate someone's life, or even a marriage or special event.

There are hundreds of reasons why people buy cherished numbers, and remembering or commemorating a loved one is fast becoming one of the most prominent. There's a certain tranquility in driving around with a set of personal number plates on your car, when only you know the true meaning behind them. To one person they're two pieces of plastic with some numbers scribed on them, but to you, they could be priceless reminders of a cherished memory or loved one.


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