Cherished Registrations - When number plates have real meaning

Although anyone can regard their car registration as "cherished", some most certainly do have deeper significance than others.

Sharon McKenna wanted to purchase a cherished registration that spelt the name "Frank", in memory of the husband whom she lost to cancer. After searching through the Regtransfers website, Sharon finally found F12 ANK.

"It certainly makes the car very important to us - Frank was a very special man", said Sharon.

In another example of the sentimental value of a good registration, Mallory Ramsdale, from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, bought the cherished registration JAG 25Y as a present for her husband Tony to celebrate their 25 years of marriage.

"It was the perfect partner for his pride and joy, a Jaguar TWR XJ40. Cars have always played a large part in our lives so it was an appropriate present for him."

John S Harrington, from Gainsborough in Lincolnshire bought the cherished registration J5 THW in memory of his late wife Tina Harrington-Wells.

"Tina sadly died aged 42, two days before Christmas 2000 in Lincoln County Hospital following complications after a routine operation. We had been married for only five years. The cherished registration means a great deal to me and will be cherished for the rest of my life."

So you see, some registrations really are cherished registrations.

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