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DVLA regAlthough number plates are available for as much as £500,000 these days, did you know that you can get your very own DVLA reg for as little as £189?

In fact, many people consider a good DVLA reg to be the most cost-effective way of having a personalised registration on their vehicle. You could display your initials, birthday, or even your name, so why spend thousands on a registration number when you can personalise your vehicle for just a couple of hundred pounds?

DVLA issue thousands of number plates each year, and it really is simpler than you may think to secure your own DVLA reg. The first step is to enter your initials into our search box in the top left hand corner of this website, and hit the search button. You'll then be transported to a results page showing hundreds of different plates. Scroll down and choose to view all available DVLA reg prefix plates using EasyView.

You'll then be greeted by a grid showing all the possible DVLA reg combinations containing those initials alongside their respective prices. When you've chosen your perfect DVLA reg, you're ready to go. Just fill out the secure online ordering form and you're done!

DVLA regThe tricky DVLA transfer process will be handled for you by Regtransfers' experienced administration team and you'll receive your brand new DVLA reg plates in the post within days. That's all there is to it! If you chose to carry out the transfer yourself you'd have reams of paperwork to get through, as well as sending certificates and licences backwards and forwards to and from the DVLA. However, when you order through Regtransfers, this is all taken care of for you.

Once you've got your new DVLA reg plates, why not take a picture and add it to our members gallery? We could even feature you in our 84-page glossy colour magazine! Simply send us an email with a picture of your DVLA reg and a short story behind it and you could soon be the envy of your neighbours!

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