The name change

DVLC classic logoWell known for issuing registration plates, the DVLA, formerly known as the DVLC, is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport.

The DVLC became DVLA in 1990, rendering the older acronym obsolete. Any reference to the agency should be in terms of DVLA. The original initials stood for for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre, whilst the new acronym is for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

The Agency currently has 40 offices in England and Wales, and is based in Swansea, in south Wales. DVLA also has a prominent 16 storey computer centre building in Clase. You can even find your nearest DVLA office on this website.

In February 2007, a letter bomb was sent to the Agency headquarters in Swansea, injuring four people. Similar bombs were sent to Capita in London, and it was believed that somebody was deliberately targeting organisations who enforced motoring charges and offences. A school caretaker was arrested a few days later and charged.

bombDVLC also deal with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems, and driver licencing. ANPR systems are used to track drivers in London who have not paid the congestion charge, as well as tracking down unlicensed, untaxed or uninsured vehicles and drivers.

Number plates are issued by the agency twice a year, in March and September, and are available from plate dealers. You can view all number plates currently available by using the search box at the top-left of this website.

DVLC / DVLA number plates are probably the most cost-effective way of owning your own personalised number plate, with prices starting from £189. You can be the proud owner of a personalised plate showing your initials or name from just a few hundred pounds. If you buy your plate through a reputable dealer such as Regtransfers, you can have the plate on your car within days and they will take care of all the messy paperwork and red tape for you.

More DVLA and DVLC information can be obtained on the government agency's own website. Numberplates.com is not affiliated with the DVLA.

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