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DVLA Number Plates - Some rude and funny combinations!

Many of you will be aware of the growing popularity of personalised number plates, but did you know just how many of these car registrations can spell out rude and funny words?

We've chosen a selection of our favourite naughty numbers for your enjoyment and to show you just how many fun combinations have slipped through the net at the DVLA offices.

DVLA number plate - PEN 15PEN 15
This number plate has caused quite a lot of controversy in recent years and is currently owned by a private plates dealer in Bedfordshire.

The plate was banned from being advertised in Britain's largest daily newspaper, The Sun, who subsequently published an article about a man with the largest genitalia in Britain.

A perfectly innocent DVLA number plate... honestly! Incidentally, the company currently have PEN 15 up for sale at a whopping £99,995.


DVLA number plates - ORG 45MORG 45M
Now, this number plate is enough to get anyone trembling with excitement. Up for a hip-quivering £150,000, this plate would look absolutely fantastic on a driveway alongside PEN 15.

Anyone with the money and sense of humour would surely love to display their extrovert personality with this cheeky little number.

However, with that price tag hanging over it, it's sure to be the most expensive ORG 45M you've ever had!


DVLA number plate - FAT 1FAT 1
As far as we know, this number plate isn't currently assigned to a vehicle, but we think it would look fantastic on a big Jeep or Hummer!

Alternatively, this private plate would be ideal for someone who's big and proud of it.

The price tag on this beast of a number plate, however, is a monstrous £175,000. Just think of all the cream cakes you could buy with that...


DVLA number plates - FU 2FU 1
A number plate that's sure to offend, and its £150,000 price tag doesn't do much to soften the blow.

In fact, Billy and Hanna Smart of Big Top Circus fame once owned FU 2 as well as BS 1 - the ideal two-letter number-one plates to match this cheeky little number.


DVLA number plates - BA54 TADA strange choice by the DVLA to issue this number plate, considering the fact that they recently announced their decision to withdraw a series of number plates from this autumn's allocation, including BA57 ARD.

However, this naughty number was indeed issued, and is currently up for sale with a private plates dealer for £21,495.


DVLA number plates - EAT 541TEAT 541T
The perfect number plate for those who suffer from a bit of road rage! What better way to tell other motorists what you think of them?

With a price tag of almost £8,000, though, there are certainly much cheaper ways of expressing your disapproval of someone's driving...


There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of naughty number plates which have been released in the UK, and each one of them has been individually issued by the DVLA (the UK government's motoring and transport body).

In fact, DVLA recently announced their decision to ban a number of car registrations which would have been issued this September, including BA57 ARD, EC57 ACY, EA57 GAL, HO57 AGE and TE57 CLE. For many people, these rude and funny DVLA number plates are by far the most interesting and comical, but there's plenty already available for those who wish to express their sense of humour on a number plate.

Some other naughty numbers which have been issued and spotted around Britain include D1 CKU, FAT 130Y, CUM 2, P151 POT, OO05 LUT, EA51 LAY, and H1 CNT.

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