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Noel Woodall - The father of Autonumerology

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Noel Woodall: A Brief History of Autonumerology

The word "Autonumerology" was devised in 1964 by Noel Woodall. He had, by pure chance, recently developed an interest in car number plates and he felt that his hobby should have a name. In more than 40 years since he invented the term, Noel has sustained his interest and become one of the leading authorities on the subject - perhaps the authority.

Noel's car registration fascination began in 1962. He was driving back to his home in Blackpool one evening when he saw a car sporting a most unusual number plate: the eye-catching BB 4. Noel was impressed, and his curiosity pricked. He began to make enquiries, and eventually discovered that the vehicle and its splendid registration were owned by a local bookmaker. Many years later, BB 4 came into the possession of leading registrations dealer but, as with most quality registrations, it wasn't long before a new owner purchased it.

Thus began Noel's fascination with personal number plates. His next step was to visit his local library to see if there were any existing books on the subject of UK car registrations. To his surprise, Noel found none at all. Of course, this meant that he had to rethink his quest for additional information. Noel, who had served three years in the RAF as an air crew navigator, decided to advertise in the RAF's magazine Air Mail to see if his former colleagues knew of any unusual or eye-catching car registrations. The response was surprisingly good, and Noel soon found that he had accumulated enough material for a modestly sized book. He privately published Car Number Galaxy - Celebrities, which showed the depth of his commitment to his subject as the project cost Noel the equivalent of six months' wages.

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