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Number plate auction

The UK's leading personal number plates dealer,, has launched an online auction site, enabling visitors to sell their number plates to the highest bidder.

With over a thousand registered members, and hundreds of number plates available at any one time, RT Auctions is the biggest online number plate auction site and without doubt the best way to pick up a bargain.

If you're looking to sell your number plate at auction or to pick up a bargain, click here to head over to RT Auctions.

The RT Auction site allows you to bid on registrations with the reassurance of having the Number One vendor of personalised number plates oversee the whole transaction for you. We will ensure that your purchase or sale is completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Registration Transfers receives almost one million hits to its website every week. However, at any point, they have over thirty five million registrations for sale and so it can be difficult to sell a registration quickly. The RT Auction site allows far more prospective buyers than otherwise would be possible selling in the conventional way, and may even return more money once Auction fever starts pushing the price up near the end of a sale!

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