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We hope this video will help you to get the most out of our number plates photo gallery.


About the Gallery

On the home page, you’ll see several ways to get to the gallery. There are sample images and a link that says, nice and clearly, "go to the gallery". Each of the sample images is also a link to the gallery. Click on any of these small images to go to the gallery page with a larger version of the photo. The main site navigation menu also has a link to the gallery so, wherever you are on, you should be able find your way to the pictures.

The image below shows the gallery links on our homepage. Please click the picture for a larger view.


homepage links to the gallery


Once you get to the gallery you'll see that the photo pages each contain 10 photos. These pages may be browsed by means of the navigation links and options that are to be found near the top of each page - as you will see in the picture below (again, clickable for a larger view).

There are standard, numbered page links and next/previous links (labelled "1" in the picture below) to enable general browsing.

There are also two drop-down style filters that allow you to select images by various criteria. The first of these (numbered "2" in the picture) lets you specify which make of car you would like to see featured. If you leave this set to "any" then you will see all makes of vehicle.

The second drop-down filter (numbered "3" in the image below) allows you to select themed categories. If, for example, you were to select the "Celebrity" category, then you would see photos featuring famous people with their cars and number plates.

It is possible to use the drop-down filters together in order to select a still narrower range of images. For example, if you select "Rolls-Royce" from the Car Make drop-down and "No. 1" from the Category drop-down, then the images you see will be those of Rolls-Royce cars with no. 1 number plates.

If you want to find a number that you know is featured somewhere in the gallery, or you want to check to see if a number is present, you may search for a specific registration by entering the number into the search field labelled "4" in the image below. If the registration you enter is present then its photo will be displayed.

Gallery pages have a number of special features. Beneath each photo you will see four links (labelled "5" in the image below). The first, "When Issued", takes you to a page that gives information about the date and location of the number plate’s original issue. There is specific, detailed information available for some numbers, while for others, the official records only allow us to give a date range within which the issue would have taken place, rather than a definite and specific year. Whatever information is available will be shown on this page.

The "Plate Update" link allows you to check to see what information is available regarding the current whereabouts of the number in the photo. If you fill in the simple form, we will send you details of what car currently displays the number.

The "View Similar" link is a way to see related or similar plates, and to check on the availability of the number in the photo.


homepage links to the gallery


The "Send to a Friend" link lets you email the photo to a friend, along with a message. This is very handy if you come across a particularly striking or amusing number plate in the gallery.

So, that’s the photo gallery. We will improve and develop it, just as we are constantly doing with the site as a whole. We already have more than 600 photos to share with you, and we’re adding more all the time.

Most of the photographs in our gallery have been sent in by members and website visitors. If you have a photo of a good car number plate you’d like to share with us we really would like to see it. The link at the top of the gallery pages (labelled "6" in the image above) will take you to a page that explains how you can send us your pictures.

We hope you enjoy the gallery.

The video on this page gives a more comprehensive guide to the gallery. If this text is not helpful, please view the video.

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