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Paul Daniels' MAG 1C personal number platesWhat do Chris Tarrant, Nicky Clarke, Paul Daniels, Tessa Sanderson, Tommy Walsh and Engelbert Humperdinck have in common with John Smith, Gary Jones, Susan Wright and Len Stout? You may think "probably nothing much", as the first group are all celebrities - some of them very rich celebrities - and the second group are 'ordinary people'. Well, one thing they do share is that they have all been bitten by the private number plates bug!

Not so long ago the general perception was that personal car registrations were status badges sported by Bentley-driving millionaires... Well, that is sometimes still the case, but just as often it is the ordinary man or woman in the street who owns those eye-catching numbers that make you smile as you drive to work in the morning. In fact, the cherished registration owned by the lady who lives at the end of your road will often be a better one, with a clearer name or message, than the personal number plate of a famous singer or television personality. Sometimes the only reason that the celebrity plate becomes so well known is because the owner's fame "rubs off" on it, and it becomes familiar.

Some celebrities' personal plates, however, are undoubtably very good indeed. Take world-famous magician Paul Daniels, for example, who has MAG 1C proudly displayed on his car. What a great registration! Nicky Clarke, the television hair stylist, has H41 RDO adorning his Range Rover, very cleverly advertising the profession for which he is famous.

Chris Tarrant's CHU 8B platesOlympic 400m silver medallist Iwan Thomas has R400 RUN on his set of private plates, and television quizmaster Chris Tarrant has CHU 8B to symbolise his deep love of chub fishing. All these celebrities agree that finding clever personal number plates such as their own is actually quite an exciting activity.

When you have a moment, pop along to and search on "celebrity personal number plates" or search on the name of one of the famous people listed above, along with the phrase "number plates". I bet the site that tops the results pages will have plenty of stories that illustrate that cherished registrations are for everybody to enjoy. You may have more in common with your favourite footballer than you realised!

However, it's not just popular celebrities who can own their ultimate personal number plates. Why not search our website and see if you can find your own perfect number?

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