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A touch of celebrity class

Chris TarrantAs one would expect, celebrities are amongst the biggest buyers of private number plates. has supplied personalised registrations to a plethora of celebrities over recent years, and the celebs were only too happy to give us their ringing endorsement.

Celebrity quizmaster Chris Tarrant was delighted when Regtransfers supplied him with his very own personalised registration - 'CHU 8B', signifying his love of chub fishing. Chris has always been fascinated by private plates and enjoys seeing what combinations he can create with those letters and numbers.

Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones is amongst the latest line of celebrities to spruce up their cars with a set of personalised registrations - adding 100 VJ to his family's already extensive collection of cherished plates. Vinnie told our intrepid reporter 'I think number plates are just brilliant'.

In fact, when Vinnie was asked by our reporter if he'd like to pose for a couple of photographs with a number plate reading 'NUT 73R', he gave a curt 'No' before his sullen stare sent our reporter running for cover for the eighth time that afternoon.

Vinnie JonesHowever, our reporter decided to chance it for the second time this year when he met with British boxing prodigy Amir Khan. Fortunately for the reporter, Amir was the perfect gentleman; an admirable symbol of modesty and demurity. Amir has the number BOX 111G proudly displayed on his BMW car - the ultimate plate for Britain's up-and-coming star pugilist.

World-famous hairstylist Nicky Clarke can drive his Range Rover with pride, displaying 'H41 RDO'. Not only has Nicky himself indulged in the number plate world - his daughter Tilly and son Harrison also have their very own personalised registrations.

Engelbert Humperdinck, Paul Daniels, Eric Morecambe, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Robbie Williams, Bobby Robson, and even H.M. King Constantine of Greece have been supplied with personalised numbers by Regtransfers.

To add a touch of celebrity to your vehicle, why not try out our registration search facility on the website? You don't have to be a world-famous celebrity to own your very own personalised plate. Why not see if you can find your ultimate registration?

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