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DJ Pied Piper explains all

JJ Pied Piper and his private regMany people are now choosing to display their very own private reg on their vehicle. However, some really are more private than others.

DJ Pied Piper, who enjoyed success with the 2001 summer smash hit 'Do You Really Like It?', puchased 15 EN from Dunstable-based Regtransfers.

"I wasn't really into personal number plates until a friend of mine, Creed, said to me 'that car needs a private plate'. "He owns C7 EED, which is great, but I thought to myself, if I am going to get one I would prefer something more subtle. I didn't want a plate with 'DJ' on it. "

After searching through the Regtransfers sales brochure, Pied Piper found his ideal private reg - 2 DEX (as in 2 decks), but was disappointed to find that it had just been sold before he called to purchase it. Undeterred, Pied Piper continued searching for his ultimate plate.

"I finally decided on 15 EN, which is a very personal choice for me. Only close friends and family know the true meaning behind it."

number plates magAlthough no-one knows the true meaning behind it, the private reg certainly looks stunning on Pied Piper's blue Porsche Carrera 2.

Although not all people buy a cherished number for such mysterious, undisclosed reasons, all have some sort of significance for the owner. Enter your name, initials, profession, or perhaps something more personal into the search box and see what you can find.

Some people, as DJ Pied Piper did, will choose a car registration that means something to them, without revealing its true meaning to anyone else. There must be a certain tranquility in having a number which has a deeply significant meaning to you - perhaps commemorating a loved one or a special event in your life - yet being able to retain a degree of mrivacy. People will appreciate a good-looking plate before they even stop to think what it could possibly mean to the owner.

Of course, the majority of people like to place their initials, name or birthday on their registrations, but more and more people are choosing to buy a private reg which has a specific meaning to them - one they won't divulge to anybody. For many people, a private reg can be a trusted friend and an extension of their love for their car.

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