Private Registrations

Some tongue-in-cheek plates

funny registrationsMore and more people are realising that private registrations aren't just for displaying your name or initials, but that literally thousands of 'naughty' numbers are available to buy.

Take PEN 15 for example, which adorns a Smart car owned by Dunstable-based This registration was famously banned from being advertised in the UK's leading newspaper, despite that particular publication printing pictures of semi-naked ladies on a daily basis, as well as risque articles in questionable taste. This cheeky little plate has certainly raised a few smiles in the local area.

In fact, PEN 15 was even featured in men's weekly magazine Nuts when a reader sent in a photograph of the private registration along with a comment suggesting that the plate may hint at the personality of the driver...

FU2 numberplatePerhaps this could be matched with ORG 4N? Alan Burke, a meat importer from Kent, bought the private registration ORG 45M, but was forced to sell it when his wife refused to get into his car! The plate is now up for sale with Regtransfers for £150,000.

Billy and Hanna Smart (of circus fame), own BS 1 and FU 2. The FU 2 plate was even seen by the Queen as she rode past Hannah in Windsor Great Park. One was reportedly not amused! However, there are plenty more examples that may have surprised Her Majesty far more than FU 2!

More harmless, but potentially eyebrow-raising numbers to slip through the net at the DVLA censoring office include BOT 70M, ME51 FKR, OO05 LUT, 100 NOB, and W777 KER. Perhaps Hanna Smart feels quite relieved that she wasn't sporting H1 CNT when she encountered Her Majesty.

Why not have a look at our search page, and see what naughty private registrations you can find?

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