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Rolls-RoyceAlthough many people invest in private registrations from under £100, the price some people are willing to pay for their ultimate registration is always rising.

Even at the lower end of the spectrum, a £500 investment in registration numbers may well reap you some healthy rewards well above the rate of inflation in the years to come. Past trends indicate that this meteoric rise in the value of registration plates is set to continue.

In fact, many numbers are now worth more than ten times their value as many years ago, so represent fantastic investment value. Many people do indeed invest in car registrations as the prices always seem to experience such a vast increase.

Many plates have achieved massive prices at auction in recent years. Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich is reported to have bought VIP 1 for more than £285,000 recently, and plates such as V 1 and Y 1 have been sold for undisclosed figures which are thought to have been even greater still.

At the time of writing, the current British record price for a registration number is £331,500, which was received at auction for the M 1 registration number at an auction in Chichester in July 2006. The winner was rumoured to be a private bidder who purchased the registration for his six-year-old son.

UAE registration numbers auctionThis has been eclipsed, however, by a new world record breaking registration number. Talal Al-Khoury bid an astonishing £3.5million for a number reading simply '5' in the United Arab Emirates earlier this year. With such a tremendous price reached for one plate, it seems unlikely that this record will be broken anytime in the near future, but who knows?

However, it is widely expected that the compartively paltry British record will soon be eclipsed. Dunstable-based registration numbers dealer have two 'ultimate' registrations exclusively for sale - E 1 and X 1, each priced at a cool £500,000. X 1 in particular is seen as the ultimate number plate, and one would truly be stumped to think of another registration which could beat it.

If you don't have that kind of money, however, MS 1, JH 1, and MG 1 are available for as little as £350,000...

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