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We get many enquiries as to how one can obtain replacement number plates. If you've had a car accident, or have been the victim of number plate theft, you cannot legally drive your car without replacement number plates.

You will need to provide the number plate supplier with current verification of personal details, together with proof of entitlement to the registration mark. Acceptable verification of personal details would be a current driving licence, bank statement or utility bill, passport, or identity card. Acceptable proof of entitlement documents are the V5 Registration Document, V750 certificate of entitlement, V778 Cherished Transfer Retention Certificate, V11 Vehicle Licence Renewal, or V948 Authorisation Certificate. Without this documentation you will not be able to purchase replacement number plates

If you decide to sell your current registration number and do not purchase a new personalised registration number, the DVLA can issue you with replacement number plates to ensure that your car is fully legal to drive on the road. You can contact the DVLA for more information.

Why not explore for more information on personalised number plates? There's plenty of articles detailing the history of personalised plates as well as some fascinating photographs and stories from our members. There's also a comprehensive guide to number plates around the world, helping you to improve your knowledge on the world of personalised number plates. You can even enter your car number plate into our system and find out where and when the plate was issued. Just head over to "When was it issued" under our "Number Plates Info" menu.

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