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Car registrations of Qatar

Number Plates of Qatar

Continent: Asia

Capital: Doha

Population: 600,000

Country ISO code: QA

Country OVAL code: Q

Driving Side: Right

First license issued in 1972

Number of vehicles:
cars 88,000 (1989), trucks and buses 39,000 (1989)

Road information:
total: 1,230 km; paved: 1,107 km; unpaved: 123 km (1999 est.)

Located on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is surrounded by the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Number Plates From Qatar

The current series of car registrations in Qatar came into effect in 1997. The number plates are white with black characters. The Qatar emblem is displayed on the left hand side of the number plate. The numeric characters are displayed both in English and Arabic. The previous series of number plates also displayed the word ‘Qatar’ in both Arabic and English. However they didn’t show the national emblem. The first number plates in Qatar were issued in the 1950’s and consisted of re characters on a white plate. The plate was divided into two halves, with the left half for English characters and the right half for Arabic characters. The 1970’s series of number plates were black with white characters and didn’t display and English characters.

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