Tuesday, 11 August 2009

DVLA Number Plate Auction Round-up

Last week (Wednesday 5th Aug - Friday 7th Aug) saw the fourth DVLA number plate auction of the year. There was a total of 1600 number plates available over the 3 day event. As I reported on Friday last week, the third day of the auction saw the two biggest sales of the event.

The first lot on Friday morning was 4 O which was expected to have considerable interest and it didn't disappoint. Mr Kuwari, a London based member of a Qatar diplomatic family was there to bid for it. It has been reported that the family missed out on the previous 'O' registrations that were auctioned earlier this year. This time however, he managed to secure the registration 4 O for £63,128.75 (including fees and taxes).

4 O however, was not the highest price paid at the auction. Unexpectedly, the number plate 1 PNE, sparked an even bigger bidding war at the auction. A mystery bidder and a buyer who was representing a businessman linked to the football club, Preston North End went head to head for the plate. In the end the mystery buyer got his way with a winning total bid of £86,617.50. No-one before the auction could have predicted that!

Another great looking plate was ST08 ART. We wondered before the start of the auction if the Stobart Group would be interested in this and it seems we were right. Steve O'Conner has a 5% share in the group and is the Executive Director in charge of its Ports Division. Mr O'Connor paid £43,348.75 for ST08 ART. He also purchased two other unrelated plates at the auction.

Other notable ones that sold are:

PAL 4S: £19,366
JUT 1A: £14,915
HAY 33R: £13,432
888 MAX: £12,072
KHA 44N: £10,465
F1 HOT: £9,970
ANG 1M: £9,970
CO09 ERS: £9,476
AND 1P: £9,105
ARF 44N: £9,105
DAR 5H: £9,105
81 DW: £7,498

And a great one L1 CKS was sold for £18,624.

(All prices shown include fees and taxes)


At 16 April 2010 17:24 , Blogger jeremymcnelson said...

my friends at an LA car plate registration asked me to check this one out...great, i must say.

At 25 April 2010 21:24 , Blogger nafisa said...

Make me an offer '1pne'


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