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Aston with private number platesMany people who buy personalised number plates will go for a flashy cherished registration, but a perfectly viable alternative are standard issue DVLA registrations.

The most popular use of DVLA number plates is to display a person's name or initials. If your name was John Michael Smith, for example, you may opt for M1 JMS or J20 JMS as your personal DVLA number plate.

However, the fun doesn't stop at names and initials. Very often, DVLA number plates are used to convey jobs or hobbies. Take celebrity hairstylist Nicky Clarke, for example. His Range Rover proudly sports the registration number H41 RDO, conveying his job perfectly.

Ground Force's Tommy Walsh also found his ideal plate was a DVLA number - M12 DIY (Mr DIY) proudly adorns his Ground Force Mitsubishi truck. Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist 400m runner Iwan Thomas also found his ultimate registration number - R400 RUN.

Tommy Walsh and his dvla number platesIn fact, DVLA number plates can cost from just £189 and are quite often the most cost-effective way of displaying a personalised plate on your vehicle. The number plates are issued by DVLA and are often used to display initials, birthdays, and in some rare and lucky cases, words or names. For example, if your initials are ALC and your birthday is on June 9th, J9 ALC could be the perfect number plate for you. Similarly, a JTH born on December 12th could drive around with D12 JTH on their car for just a few hundred pounds. The possibilities really are endless.

Many people opt for DVLA registrations as they quite often don't immediately stand out as a flash personalised plate. In fact, they tend to be slightly more understated as they fall into the same uniform as a regular number plate. However, you as the owner will know the true meaning behind the plate, and this is the great appeal for many people.

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