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The most expensive number plates ever sold

There's one rather annoying aspect of working for a number plates company. Every time you tell someone who you work for, the first question is always the same - What's the most expensive number plate ever sold?

So, for those of you who are seeking the answer to this question, we've compiled a list of the top six most expensive number plates of all time.



6. 'K1 NGS' - £231,000

This regal number was sold in 1993 and held the British record for almost twelve years.

It's not known who the buyer was, but this set a precedent for things to come and signalled a boom in the private number plates market.



5. 'GS 1' - £258,775

GS 1 was sold at an auction in Perth, Scotland, it's original issuing authority, on July 22nd 2005. Again, the buyer is unclear but one thing's for sure - he had some money. The pre-auction estimate for this number was a comparatively paltry £80,000 - £100,000.



4. '51 NGH' - £254,000

This plate was sold at auction in 2006 to a Sikh buyer. 'Singh' is a rather common name within the Sikh community and there was a lot of interest in this plate prior to the auction.






3. 'VIP 1' - £285,000

This number plate was bought by Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich in 2006.

This plate was once placed on the Popemobiel for Pope John Paul II's papal visit to Ireland.





2. 'M 1' - £331,500

Mike McCoomb from Liverpool made his fortune in mobile phones when he sold the Mobile Phone Store to BT Cellnet for £40m in April 2000.

The story is that Mr McCoomb bought the plate for his eleven-year-old son who is as yet unable to drive!




1. '5' - £3.5 million

No, that's not a typo. Three and a half million pounds. At the minimum wage, it would take 350 years to earn that amount of money. The plate was sold in Dubai, but we couldn't possibly omit it from this list.

The plate was bought by Talal Al Khoury who said the plate had absolutely no significance to him whatsoever.


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