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As you know, every vehicle driven on UK roads has to display a number plate clearly displaying that vehicle's registration number. It's a legal requirement and there is no way around it. So, given that rule, many people have decided to have a bit of fun, and they have turned a sterile, dull string of seemingly meaningless numbers and letters into a way of emphasising identity and conveying personal messages. The careful selection of characters allows number plates that resemble names and words. Other hidden meanings may include hobbies, dates of birth etc.

The craze is now so popular that books have been published on the subject. Notably the registration plates books produced by Noel Woodall. For many years, Noel has published his series of Car Numbers books, which established him as an unrivalled expert in the field and inspired those following in his footsteps to further research and document the UK's quirky and fascinating number plates system. There is an article about Noel Woodall on

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